Not able to cope up after being “ghosted”? Try these ways out

If you are still in the ‘denial’ mode and refuse to accept what is already happening to you, then the first thing to do to overcome is to accept it. Ghosting during a pandemic can result in a lot of frustration and distress. Here is a list of a few things you can keep in mind that will help you or anyone you know who is currently being ‘ghosted’.

1. Accept The ‘Disconnection’

A lot of people have been ghosted during the pandemic by their friends, potential partners, even family members. The mind will go numb and the heart will ask ‘what happened, so please let it. Accept the reality and the ‘disconnection’ that followed your relationship quotient. It sucks, but this is the first step to get normalcy back in your life

2. It Is Not Always About ‘What You Did

A break-up or ghosting is mostly followed by the sunken feeling of what happened and what went wrong. But sometimes, it is not about what you said or did or did not do. Some people lose their emotional strength and the stamina to continue being there for us, to maintain a healthy equation. Never let others play with your emotions and let that person go even if they don’t value you despite putting 100% effort into them.

3. Prioritise Your Own Mental Health

Your emotional state and your mental state are two primary things that require utmost priority and consider opening up to a friend, a family member or take therapy if the break-up has left you in a bad state. You’ll be surprised what a long chat with a good friend, a good night’s sleep, binge-watch your favorite series, or pick up a good book to read. Focus on prioritizing yourself and else things can wait.

4. Spend time with friends or family

Surround yourself with people who can give you a positive and healthy aura, whom you can trust, and can share mutual feelings of love and respect without any shyness.

5. Seek professional help

Don’t feel shy to approach a therapist or a counselor who can help you articulate complex emotional feelings. Not only this but they also give strategies which can further help for coping up and make sure you come stronger and better than ever.