Not Only Zomato, These Brands Too Faced Public Backlash For Its Commercial

Zomato received negative feedback on the recent advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif with the message that every customer is a star. The food delivery partner released an advertisement featuring the Bollywood stars and netizens started slamming the app on social media. As Zomato received mixed reviews for their ads they released a statement on their social media putting forward their side of the story that the ad has been misinterpreted by some audiences. They were only trying to showcase the workers’ commitment towards the work. They even mentioned that their ads were conceptualized six months ago which was ” long before any social media chatter around gig workers payouts/working conditions”. Their main aim was to highlight that one should talk respectfully to delivery partners. They believe that their ads are well intentioned. It is not only Zomato but earlier some other brands also had to face public backlash for their TV Commercial.


They put an ad showing a Muslim family performing the godh bharai ceremony of their Hindu daughter-in-law. The brand faced backlash from right-wing Hindutatva extremists who claimed that the advertisement supported the concept of love jihad. Then Tanishq eventually had to take down their ad. This can led to a huge debate on social media.


In 2016 when the Indian government announced its decision to demonetize the high currency notes, Paytm ran front-page ads in several newspapers thanking Modi but the ads received backlash as Paytm was the biggest beneficiary of demonetization and several politicians questioned this connection with the company.

Pan Bahar

Actor Brosnan condoned the unauthorized use of his image in the ad for the pan Bahar in 2016 soon after it appeared. His appearance in advertisements had outraged many Indians, questioning why he was and raising a product associated with cancer.

Havells India

It suffers a backlash from a sectional view over alleged anti-reservation sentiments. The act shows a daughter-father duo talking about the reservation quota.

Many companies majorly back down their ads in this case to avoid controversies but Zomato is the only one to fight against it and not just taking a step back. Applause to Zomato for this step.