NUA’s Appreciative And Respectful Step Towards Women Hygiene And Wellness

NUA is a wellness brand that runs by four lac female employees, NUA company is saliently dealing in women’s hygiene products like sanitary pads, cramp comfort, foams for intimate wash,  foams for shaving and waxing of body hair and liner pads, etc. This is a D to C company means Direct to Consumer a company that works after a suggestion from people on Instagram.

Ravi Ramachandran, CEO, and Founder of NUA company is always concerned about the image of women when she is in her mensuration days. The taboo thinking of society and customs that a girl has to obey when she is menstruating, always upsets Ramchandran.

That’s why they decided to work in favor of women so they don’t need to miss school and leave the job for a period of days. Of And, the perspective of society can change toward the word “ period”. They enlisted an all-new range of products for women in their period days like cramp comfort (self-heating patch) and foaming waxing cream, intimate wash and liner pad which is mixed with skin-friendly material.

For this innovative launch Ravi Ramchandran said: “We believe that our Sanitary Pads, Cramp Comfort (India’s first unique self-heating patch), Foaming Intimate Wash, 1mm Everyday Liners, and Uplift (period nutrition drink mix) are made by us but are created by our community of over 4 Lakh women who wanted to start a new and improved wellness journey. Our ability to co-create solutions with our community of over 4 lakh women is, what we believe, sets us apart. We are always listening to what our community has to say, especially things that bother them, and this translates into new product development. With menstrual cramps being a big pain point, we created India’s first revolutionary self-heating patch for menstrual cramps known as ‘Cramp Comfort’. Recently, we launched a period nutrition drink mix ‘Uplift’. 100% safe, effective, and made of inclusive ingredients, Uplift is a result of insights gathered from the Nua community and worked upon through extensive research in labs to address the issue of period fatigue. In addition to these period care products, we also offer hygiene products such as Foaming Intimate Wash and Everyday Liners,”