Nuclear powered rockets can take us to Mars in just 3 months! Have a look at the reports

According to a report from CNN, it is said that a nuclear-powered rocket can get us to Mars within 3 months. The finding still requires a lot of testing before showing the green flag. There has been a lot of research in this area as mars as a destination was always a priority for NASA and they have been working on it for decades now. Reports state that NASA already has a plan to take humans to Mars by 2035 but the biggest obstacle in achieving this is the time taken to arrive at the red planet. As the amount of time spent in space increases the exposure to cosmic radiation which is fatal to the astronaut on the mission.

The current target for NASA’s Mars mission is about 9-10 months but a new research company based in Seattle, Ultra Safe Nuclear Technology (USNC) proposed a modified version to cut short the duration to 3 months. The safety procedure is still a concern but the company has reassured to conduct a comprehensive study on the safety procedure for the new technology.

Micheal Eades a senior engineer at USNC says that the nuclear chamber will be placed between the crew area and engine and block out radioactive particles which give the crew members protection from radiation.

The USNC is working day and night to find the right balance for the implementation of this new technology into the space expedition program until then this new futuristic innovation is out of the equation.