Nykaa’s amazing detoxifying masks for after festival skincare

It’s genuinely very tough to get back all the clear and flawless skin after daily applying makeup and cosmetics to your skin during festival days. At some level when you apply make-up on daily basis it hurts your skin and once your skin starts to degrade it is very challenging to restore the old cheeky and blemishing skin, after all the pollution in the air, and sweets that we eat, oil in food is not reasonably good for the skin. And it is a big No-No! From skin care specialists to poke you pimples or Whitehead’s, because popping them can backfire and more pimples than before can soar.

But relax ladies, Nykaa got you like they got every time. Nykaa’s new exciting charcoal bubble face mask for detoxification is the right choice for you to hydrate your skin and get an instant glow on your cheeks.

This new launch is alerted by Nykaa from their Instagram account where they counted the benefits of using detox masks and offers available on this product.

Do you know what time is it? It’s detox time
Introducing all-new Nykaa beauty SkinSecrets Charcoal & Volcanic Bubble Sheet Mask!

Reasons you’ll love these –
Removes dirt & impurities from your skin
Pumps antioxidants & nutrients into your skin
They form bubbles & foam due to a special oxygenation process and exfoliate your skin, leaving it glowing all-new Nykaa beauty

As this is a new launch Nykaa availed some exciting offers which are if you buy two masks you’ll absolutely free, purchase link is mentioned in Nykaa’s Instagram bio.