Nykaa’s new Body Lotion range to set you on fire for the date nights

Nykaa is India’s leading beauty cosmetic and skincare company that serves in the ordering of makeup and cosmetics in virtual mode. Nykaa is the most trusted and authentic platform for those who have a keen interest in makeup and skincare. More than 100 brands collaborate with Nykaa so that the consumers can get many options and a variety of products under the same roof.

But the thing to remember here is Nykaa is not just only a platform but also a brand, Nykaa offers many cosmetic and makeup stuff for ladies like lipsticks, kajal, eyeliners, blushers, highlighter, highlights, and so on. Nykaa stepped down in the skincare range too, for this winter they have introduced us to a new member of the Nykaa family the Lovestruck body lotions In their Instagram handle. With a caption saying: Can’t help falling in love with there newest Lovestruck Bodylotion


lets have a glance at more about Lovestruck Body lotions. Nykaa availed them in 6 unique and pleasing aromas.

Stolen Glance

Skip a beat

Hidden blush

First Date

Stay with me

Talk all night

Looks like Nykaa is incharge to set the whole mood for your date night, all six of them are available at the Nykaa app, or you can order from the link that Nykaa has mentioned in their Instagram Bio to order this body lotion.


Four of them is accompanied by a separate perfume fragrance which will compliment you as well. At just 958/-  earlier which was 1198/-

And the First Date & Stolen Glance body lotions are available at just 499/- in quantity 200 ml without perfume bottle.