Ola Electric Gained 200 Million USD, From The Initiative”Mission Electric” .

Ola is a well-known company for its cab and taxi service in PAN India, One of the prominent players in this field Ola is giving strong competition and rising day after day because of its ability to read the business environment and implementing required changes quickly.

As per prerequisite, Ola company again added some new features in their valuable services on the date 27. May.2017 they inaugurated their new electrical vehicles as cabs and taxis due to raising air Pollution and emptying well of petroleum calls this change in the automobile industry.

And this change proved Golden for Ola electrical, in the month of September 2021 Ola raised over 200 million USD led by falcon edge, Softbank, and others, at a valuation of 3 billion USD.

Furthermore, Ola electrical is also willing to start more and such initiatives in a way forward to launch electrical scooters, bikes, in the mass market. Ola wishes to ensure that no petrol or diesel bikes and cars will run on roads and be sold by the year 2025 in India, by their “ Mission Electric” they are strictly committed and dedicated to motivating others for using electrical vehicles rather than diesel, petrol, and CNG vehicles.

For this initiative, Ola electrical raised a loan from the bank of Baroda of 100 million USD on June 21 to open an electrical scooter company that is run by only women, for the sake of women empowerment.

For this news, CEO and Co-Founder of OLA Bhavish Aggrawal said:  We’re proud to lead the EV revolution from India to the world. India has the talent and the capability to build technologies of the future for the industries of the future for the entire world. I thank our existing investors and welcome new ones to Ola. will gather we will bring mobility to a billion and sustainability to the future.”



Not just “ Mission Electric” Ola also is focusing on more social undertakings the Ola electric raised  600 million USD And have investors like Hyundai, Kia Motors, and Pawan Munjal Family and trust as leading investors. With the partnership of all and Ola electric’s visionary mindset, all of them will indeed earn fruitful reputations.