Ola Electric is all set to usher the eco-revolution in our Country

Ola Electric inaugurates its first Hypercharger ahead of test rides of its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters after Diwali.

Ola Electric is all set to escort the new revolution in the world by setting up a global network of hypercharger. Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal on Saturday showed up on Twitter to proffer the company’s first Hypercharger. 

The company avers that this will be the world’s largest and widest two-wheeler electric hypercharger network. It will be counting up for more than 100,000 touchpoints across 400 cities. 

The company listed out its city-wise charging network plan to be in Tiers. Under Tier l, it will be covering up all the metropolitan cities of the country. The hypercharger stations will have multi-story automated parking structures to support multiple customers at once. 

The company also plans to start deliveries of the e-scooters, Ola Electric S1 and S1 Pro scooters from next month which were launched in the month of July-August this year. It will start the deliveries/test drives by November sometimes. Before they start delivering these scooters they will be setting up 100 chargers and 5000 chargers by the end of the year. The company needs to meet these goals before time to get positive reviews. 

The charger itself looks quite gleaming and appealing which even matches the aesthetics of the scooter. As per some leaks the charger can go upto 12Kw. The chargers will be capable of charging the scooter upto 50% in just 18 min. for a run of 75 km. 

The company will be including a 750w charger with the scooter itself, so that customers can charge their scooters overnight.