Ola Electric raises over $200 million at valuation of $5 billion

Ola Electric Scooter was revealed in April, 2021 and has raised over $200 million now at the valuation of $5 billion

Ola had revealed its first-ever Electric scooter in April 2021 and had got amazing responses as it received 10 Lakh registrations in a single day. This was most by any scooter. Ola Electric scooter has amazing features and some really cool stuff that has never seen before in a scooter. For eg:- It has a cruise mode, a reverse mode, a hill mode, and many more exciting features.
On 24th January, Monday, announced at it has raised over $200 million from Tekne Private Ventures, Alpine Opportunity Fund, Edelweiss, and others. Ola has the world’s largest 2 wheeler factory in the world. Ola Electric has launched two scooters- S1 Electric, S1 pro-Electric.
Bhavesh Aggarwal, who is the founder and CEO of Ola, said ” Ola Electric is creating India’s EV revolution and is driving cutting edge manufacturing from India for the entire world. With Ola S1, we’ve changed the entire scooter industry and now looking forward to bringing innovative products to more two-wheeler categories including bikes as well as cars. I thank the investors for their support and look forward to partnering with them to take the EV revolution from India to the world”.
Last year Ola Electric, raised over $200 million from Falcon Edge, Softbank and others and tripled its valuation to $3 billion. Ola Electric is doing great work in promoting the EV business at the correct time as the fuel prices are going up day by day and that’s the reason people need EVs. Also, Ola has employed 10,000 women workers giving them strength and empowerment.
Ola Electric is an excellent vehicle and has been received amazing responses from customers because of its never seen before features. The scooter can change the EV business in scooters.