Ola to put up India’s first automated factory with Siemens’ support in Tamil Nadu

The Ride-hailing major Ola on Wednesday said it has partnered with Siemens to upgrade the current technology for its upcoming electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. Ola had accounced about inking and agreement where Tamil Nadu government were to invest ₹2,400 crore for setting up its first electric scooter factory in the state. It will be built on 4.0 principles and will be the most advance manufacturing facility in th3 country. There will be 5000 robots deployed for performing various functions.

As part of the partnership, Ola will have access to Siemens’ integrated ‘Digital Twin’ for designing and manufacturing solutions to digitalise and validate product and production ahead of actual operations, it added. Digital twins are used for simulating, predict and optimise the production system before investing in physical prototypes. In short, its a virtual representation that helps to understand the characteristics and the performance.

The factory to be put up in Tamil Nadu will not only be Ola’s first but India’s first factory to be managed with artificial intelligence with proprietary AI Engine and tech stack deeply integrated into every aspect of the manufacturing process, continuously self-learning and optimising every aspect. Owing to this there will be a lot of ease at work and quality of operations will get very advanced.

The material handling will ne fully automatic for maximum efficiency. The advance technology will provide prefect synergy for humans and machines working in the most productive manner which will help them deliver best quality products.

10,000 jobs will be generated with the estimation of initial capacity of 2 million units a year. It will cater customers from UK, Latin America and ANZ. Ola CEO said that they were very overwhelmed to partner with Siemens and will put in a lot of hardwork for increasing the benchmark of efficiency and quality.