Ola’s testing new 15 minutes grocery delivery services in Bengaluru

Ola, India’s cab services are emerging as a leader in the domain in past months Ola started its electric vehicles which proved very beneficial for them and now Ola is testing its scheme for delivery of groceries, fruits, vegetables, pet care and personal care the initiative is in a trial in Bengaluru after achieving success Ola soon will spread the web of the network in other states.

The sources said Ola is dedicated to building another network for the delivery of goods in just 15-minutes for this they are looking forward to establishing setups in prominent localities.

The idea of this initiative is hinted at by the Diwali post of Ola where they talked about new beginnings and delivering all essential is a new venture for Ola. In their post Ola said :

Some trips take years while others take minutes, but to reach the destination, you first have to start. To new beginnings, start the trip?

Before Ola, Swiggy Instamart, BigBasket, offers and some local suppliers like the orange cart is existing players in this area. Ola needs to be very effective and efficient to outshine all these names.

Although Ola has not made any official declaration of this pilot delivery idea, this news is briefed by sources, Frequent changes in consumer preferences inspired Ola to develop such services and make the Ola company diversified with the dynamic world. People are looking forward to more platforms that can avail all the needy items at the doorstep so they don’t have to rush to the markets. Especially, after the global pandemic, the demand for this forum is rising significantly.