Old Instagram leveled Up With New features; Know More About Features

Instagram is a trendsetter app, very famous among teenagers and youth all over the world. The popularity of Instagram is rising day after day, and this super huge fanbase of Instagram demands everything new in the app after once the craze of something is stalled down. And this enthusiasm of users makes companies think innovatively and introduce new features and improvements in the app frequently.

Now the company has announced some modifications in the IGTV app which was introduced in 2018, which was designed to utilize the Instagram platform instead of TikTok and other video streaming apps. After the IGTV function Instagram also announced the Reels option in August 2020 when some other video video-based content creation apps got banned by the government of some nation.

Now, Instagram is back with a new feature acknowledging that the company’s spokesperson said to media that the IGTV feature of Instagram was not that successful, that’s why Instagram decided to improvise this function and it will be known by the “ Instagram TV” in which creators are allowed to make 60 minutes long video.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri recently said it was “no longer a photo-sharing app,” noting the company was prioritizing a shift into video amid significant competition from TikTok and YouTube. Today, Instagram is taking another step toward its larger goal of making video a more central part of the Instagram experience with news that it will now combine IGTV’s long-form video and Instagram Feed videos into a new format called simply “Instagram Video.”

Further, Instagram is working dedicated to remaining in the top position which is why the company is also about to introduce some more updated new features like Instagram filters,  trimming, location tagging, people tagging.