On April 11th, Instagram NFTs will be deactivated

After announcing last month that it will be winding down its NFT-related projects, Meta has now informed Instagram users that their active NFTs will be disabled as of April 11.
One of the last phases in Meta’s transition away from NFTs, which are ngmi, is that Instagram users are now being shown an alert to let them know about the shift.

Instagram was once thought to be the obvious place for Meta’s NFT push since the firm wanted to participate in the NFT boom as a way to highlight digital ownership, which it views as a crucial component of its developing metaverse drive.

When Meta first introduced NFTs on Instagram in May of last year, select artists had access to a new publishing option that allowed them to post “digital collectibles” in the app, with data linked to the pertinent blockchain, via numerous vendors.

However, even at that point, Meta was already grabbing onto the dying embers of the NFT craze, and ever since then, the lack of interest, wider instability in the crypto markets, and the downturn in the economy have all had a negative influence on NFT sales.

Although there is currently a highly active, committed NFT community that is constantly sharing and interacting with NFTs and searching for the next potential use case for the process, it is clear that JPEGs didn’t have any long-term value.

NFT proponents may be too far ahead of the curve at the moment because NFTs successfully demonstrated the use case for digital ownership. In the future, they may look back and recall how they were ridiculed for promoting projects that are now commonplace.

Maybe. NFTs are now neither an investment nor, for the most part, a worthwhile or viable experiment. They are also probably not worth your time. And as IG and Meta begin to put more of an emphasis on other things, they will soon be completely gone.