One of the strongest flare ever from a black hole detected by Indian Astronomers

Blazar a supermassive blackhole gave out one of the strongest solar flares ever recorded. This was spotted by a research team at Aryabhatta Institute of Observational Science (ARIES) – headed by Alok Chandra Gupta.

The solar flare as the report suggests can help in tracking the massive black hole that generated it.

In a conversation with Times Of India Mr. Alok said that;

“This class of objects is very unique. They have complete electromagnetic emission, that is they emit radiation in all electromagnetic bands — Radio Waves; Microwaves; Infrared; Visible Light; Ultraviolet (UV); X-Rays and Gamma Rays — which is not something all objects can do. Gamma-ray births do this, but they are short-lived. BL Lacertae blazar is 10 million light-years away and is among the 50 most prominent blazars that can be observed with the help of a relatively small telescope. It was among the three to four blazars that were predicted to be experiencing flares by the Whole Earth Blazar Telescope (WEBT), an international consortium of astronomers.”

Alok Chandra Gupta

There are around 5000 blazers all around the universe and only 50 of them are prominent with a considerable lifespan. The lifespan of this massive blackhole suggests that these can be traced back to the origin of the universe. The emissions from these black holes are very vital research fodder for understanding the working structure of the cosmos.

The team is very confident and believes that this can guide them in extracting information about the genesis of the universe.