“Overpopulation, crypto-currency and OTT should be curbed” – says Mohan Bhagwat (RSS Chief)

RSS expressed concern over overpopulation and population imbalance in different religions. Also he flagged his deepest concern over youth being addicted to OTT, drugs and the excess use of crypto-currency.

On the annual Dussehra celebrations at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur, Chief Bhagwat pointed to the data of population (child birth rate and infertility rate) which shows an excess growth in the population of the minorities, causing an imbalance in the unity, integrity and culture of our country in the long run.

He added that he isn’t having any ill will towards any religious community, but seeing the vast differences in the growth rates of various religious groups may become a threat to our country posed by the rise of Taliban in Afghanistan. Therefore, thinking about the consequences in the next 50 years, he urged to formulate a new population policy that would be applied uniformly on all. 


Drugs, OTT and Crypto

He also flagged his concern over the problems of drug addiction and its smuggling. The youth of our country is deliberately getting addicted to the use of narcotics, and as long as it is consumed, it’ll be smuggled and black marketed will take place in various new ways resulting in funding for the anti-national activities, calling upon the govt. to take actions on it

Talking about OTT, there should be a regular framework by the Govt. to watch out the contents being streamed on it. As due to the Covid regulations, children have the phones but there is no control on what they are watching. The platforms, Netflix and Amazon prime video have even faced the lawsuits for the contents being offensive to the major Hindu population. 

 Also he claimed that the use of cryptocurrency and bitcoin may harm our country’s economy. Thereafter, he pleaded the government to take necessary steps to limit Bitcoin and India’s Association of Blockchain & Crypto Entrepreneurs.