Perfect way to spend your rainy weekend cozily, if you’re a rom-com buff

Here are 6 romantic comedy movies to binge-watch for a rom-com buff to spend a cosy rainy weekend perfectly.

1) Always be my maybe.

This is a cute little story of Sasha and Marcus, long lost childhood sweethearts who reconnect after 15 years. They live in 2 different worlds, Sasha is a celebrity chef while Marcus is a part of an unsuccessful band. Sasha runs into Marcus in San Francisco and both realise that old spark is still between them but both are engaged to different people.

2) The half of it.

The movie revolves around a shy schoolgirl Ellie Chu who makes extra money to help her dad financially by writing homework papers for other students. One day she’s approached by Paul, a schoolmate to write a love letter to Aster, the prettiest girl in the school. Ellie agrees to this and starts talking to Aster through letters as Paul but the twist is Ellie secretly loves Aster. What will happen when Aster finds out this?

3) Love, Simon.

Simon, an average schoolboy hides his sexuality from his parents and friends. On a secret gossip site of his high school where the students anonymously talk about their private life as well as others, Simon meets Blue. He connects with Blue as Jacques on email and they fall in love with each other. Their private conversations are discovered by another classmate, Martin and he threatens him of leaking the messages and Simon life changes upside-down.

4) She’s the Man.

When Viola’s girl’s football team is closed by the school, she enters the tournament as her identical twin brother, Sebastian, who’s in the team but not interested in sports and goes away for a music concert. While practising for the tournament she falls in love with the football team captain Duke. Havoc awaits when they find out her truth.

5) Broken Heart Gallery.

A whimsical girl, Lucy who loves to keep a souvenir from her broken relationships, for her love for keep things from past lovers she decides to create an art gallery to display these souvenirs and to help other people to leave their knickknacks, she meets Nick, a hotelier who helps her make the gallery. In this process, she finds her happily ever after in Nick.

6) What if?

Wallace loses his faith in love when he faces several failed relationships until he meets Chantry at a party. Even being an introvert Wallace develops a friendship with bubbly Chantry. They become best of friends and fall in love but Chantry already has a long term boyfriend.

I hope these suggestions will make your rainy weekend romantic and make you feel a strong urge to fall in love all over again. Happy Binge-watching!