Persian Cuisine Recipes From Scratch For Your Upcoming Dinner Parties

Most of us know may know about and taste Chinese cuisine, Italian, Mexican, Afghani, and Indian cuisine, all these are very famous in the world for the taste but we often overlook one cuisine which is a masterpiece of the culinary world Persian Cuisine,  Persian cuisine is as tasty and aromatic as any other cuisine. Persian used wheat, saffron, spices, herbs, and many other pungent flavours to their dishes to make them even tastier. Some of the key recipes of Persian cuisine are stews, cakes, teas, meat, beef, salad.

Here are some easy to make and delicious recipes for you to see something different in your upcoming dinner party :

1). Shirazi Salad:

Delicious, healthy, free from calories, gluten, fats, and bad cholesterol this Persian bowl of salad will give energy throughout the day and refreshments like never before.

Finely chop some Persian cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and sprinkle dried mint, dressing of olive oil, lime, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. And the bowl of Shirazi Salad is ready!

2). Persian Love Cake :

Persian Love cake is absolute love for the sweet tooth, dessert after dinner is always appreciated and if Persia love cake is a dessert you must not even combine oil, sugar, eggs, and yoghurt in a bowl and stir now add some semolina flour, almond flour, all-purpose flour consecutively, pour the batter in a cake Tim and bake till the cake rise then make a sugar syrup of rose, saffron, orange, and honey and soak it into the cake decorate with almonds and the cake is ready.

3).  Persian Eggplant dip (Kashke bademjan) :

Bake the eggplant and remove the peel of it, in a pan mix eggplant with onion, garlic with turmeric and black salt give it a flame for at least 5-10 minutes after then add blooms of saffron strings and dried mint.

Kashke Bademjan or eggplant dip is ready to serve with anything like nachos, sides of any bar snack.

4). Kotlet Persian Meat Balls :

The famous meatballs of Italy with a Persian twist, indeed we are God’s favourite that he blessed us with this dish.

Combine onion, garlic, spices, and her in an egg and then added grounded beef make patties out of them and then cover in breadcrumbs, and give a deep fry.

Kotlet Persian Meat Balls is ready to see with some Kashke Bademjan, or sauce, or any type is a side dish.