Peyush Bansal says, “I’ve never met anybody like this at Shark Tank” to an 18-year old, know why

Shark Tank India Season2, witnessed one of it’s youngest pitchers today. OLL co-founder, Shreyaan Daga who is just 18 years old pitched his start-up in front of the sharks and left them amazed.

Shreeyan Daga started teaching online last year, the young entrepreneur shared his dream to buy the ownership of top-tier teaching company Byjus and Unacademy. The sharks were highly impressed by his optimistic attitude. With every hurdle they throwed his way, Daga kept replying like a tough and bright entrepreneur.


Due to logical reasons, sharks except Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh backed out of the deal, but Shreeyan is hopeful that they will come around sooner or later. Peyush and Vineeta ended up offering Rs. 30 Lakhs for 5% equity in OLL.