Pink Is The New Blue, Proved Agent 007 On Red Carpet

Whenever any actor serves something which unconventional and very unlike them, become the news for the media. Slightest to slightest changes and details are noticed by observers to chirp their respective comments on social media about that actor/actress.

Daniel Craig, a star Hollywood actor who portrayed James Bond in the movie series is now back with another James Bond series, No time to die for which premier was staged in London, where he wore a raspberry pink velvet jacket, designed by The Anderson & Sheppard, custom-tailored shop for celebrities who wants something more than ordinary.

The pink velvet look of 007 agents became a point of controversy again because everyone was expecting a black blazer, pants with a black tuxedo white shirt, and with branded watch and bow. But Daniel did the exact opposite and now he is a big part of headlines and trending column of Twitter, The mixed opinions of  everyone say:

“The man could wear a bin bag and still look suave.” Said random guy on Twitter.

While Phoebe Gormley, A decorated tailor in chief of Gormley & Gamble, found this dress as breaking gender differences through colors she officially said: “I think it’s high time we embraced a pink blushing Bond, More and more men blurring the lines of femininity in reverse.”

And not only Phoebe Gormley but many feminists out there are also appreciating this and hoping that colors would no longer be confined to genders or represent the gender.