Pizza hut introducing Momo Mia, India’s 1st pizza with momos

Why pick between pizza cheesy and juicy momos?

The question of choosing between momo and pizza is solved by Pizza hut. Pizza hut has launched India’s 1st ever Pizza with Momo called Momo Mia.

The fusion of 2 all-time favourites of any food lover. The cheesy pan pizza of Pizza hut has been topped with schezwan sauce and has juicy street-style momos in its crust. And this is not the only exciting news for food lovers, pizza hut is also introducing 1st ever Baked cheesy momos. These Momos will come with street-style vegetable & paneer momos or chicken momos at the base, topped with spicy schezwan sauce and creamy mayonnaise sauce loaded with 100% oozing mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection, for a mind-blowing experience.

Both these new dishes are available in veg and non-veg options and customers can order them through a call or the official website of Pizza Hut.

“During the pandemic, we found that consumers are longing for desi street-style food and momos emerged as the dish they were craving most, after gol gappas. This led to multiple experiments and we finally perfected Momo Mia’s recipe, which is truly a foodie’s dream come true. We are excited to see consumer reactions to this Epic combination of two much-loved stalwarts – Momos & Pizzas,” said Neha, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut India.