Places to add to your bucket list during a trip to Lakshadweep Islands

The island is located to the west of Kerala, the southernmost state of the country, and is classified as a Union Territory. The island was fairly uninhabited in ancient times as a result there is a lack of concrete evidence regarding the origin of the islands. The coral reefs and mystic blue beaches of the island are world-renowned and each year thousands of tourists flood to this island.


The beach is often shallow and has a rich amount of marine life. One of the most visited places in Lakshwadeep, Kadmat is also known as cardamom island.

Bangaram Atoll

Widely popular for its rich coral reef and is located near the Aggati aerodrome which has flights to Kochi. The calm and serene beaches are the central attraction.

Aggati Island

This island is often considered as a place once visited by Ibn Batuta. One needs special permission to enter this island authorized only by the Administration of Lakshadweep. But the effort is worth it.

Minicoy Island

The Arabian traders called this island Malikau and regarded this as the capital town of the island. Locals to this day use Malikau as the name for this area. The 1885 constructed lighthouse is the central attraction of the area with peaceful beaches

Kavaratti Island

This is often the poster image for Lakshwadeed and rightly so. Kavaratti is the most developed island and serves as the administrative hub for the entire Lakshwadeep. The main attraction includes watersport, calm beaches, seclude lagoons and rich marine life.