Plan your fitness chart inspired by B-town celebrities who are known for their fitness

Today is the era of making money and fortune in this hasty world, but we are also aware of the saying health is wealth many of us go to gymnasiums, yoga classes, mediation centers and some of us perform cardio, Zumba, aerobics at our house or pay plenty of fees to stay fit  and also follow some special routines and diets to complement the exercise we are doing for hours, we say no to fried food, lower the intake of sugar to make ourselves physically balanced so that we can give our fullest to personal and in professional life. And as the desk work is rising in this age we should stick to this fitness paradigm we are following and for those who are not yet started we have small motivation for you to create your fitness plans inspired by your favorite celebrity.

1). Sara Ali Khan :

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan is a very fitness enthusiast she is an inspiration material for all of those who are suffering from overweight and obesity. She was 99 kg when she was in high school and now when she is  Bollywood’s dazzling and sensational actress whose weight is just  50kg. She included many physical exercises with a powerful diet, paparazzi often saw her leaving the gym, as the trainer said she does 10 spatula push-ups, 10KB split jerk each leg four, rocking hollow 15-sec hold, planks of 5 minutes, or maybe more than this, 10 TRX pushups, five eccentric push-ups and so on this may seem very tiring and lengthy to martial is very beneficial if you start to add a little progress day by day.

2). Akshay Kumar :

Mr. Khiladi none of us are unaware of the fitness levels that Akshay Kumar has achieved in B-town, he certainly doesn’t go to the gym but relies on sports, yoga, and meditation for the overall strengthing of muscles and body. Akshay does swimming, kick-boxing, squid boxing constantly he performs martial arts very well that some advertisements retired him doing martial arts. Also, he is proficient in practicing yoga, streches, and meditation for mental health and stability. Akshay also believes in a good night’s sleep, so he is not an insomniac for sure and that is why he is rarely seen in midnight parties or award functions of Bollywood.

3). Tiger Shroff :

A stunt master and a pro dancer like no other, Tiger Shroff created himself as the best fit for action movies and dance movies in this generation. Let us know what kind of workout he performs to stay this energetic and vibrant for an everyday set schedule, like Akshay Kumar, Tiger also trusts the power of Martial Arts, Yoga and he said himself on a chat show where he accepted that he has a treadmill in his rooms, so he hops in as soon as he wakes up. Tiger also takes weight training, gymnastics, and martial before and after performing heavy exercises he performes some mild warm-ups to activate the body for big and heavy exercises.

4). Shilpa Shetty :

It will be no wrong to say that Shilpa Shetty is the queen of hearts and the queen of yoga also. Shilpa Shetty promotes awareness of fitness via her app where she is offering a deliberate collection of yoga for each problem you’re suffering from whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, or anything. and to advise something to someone one needs to have expertise that thing in themselves first, which Shilpa has done she performs yoga and mediation on daily basis complex asanas and yogic posture she nails every single step of yoga. In an interview, she briefly stated about her fitness regime where she does warm-up workouts before practicing asanas, stretching for better spreading for muscles and limbs, eating balanced meals breakfast is must she mentioned and she is also inclined to meditate on for better mental health.


It is very clear from celebrity to a common man everyone has to make some special efforts to stay fit and in continuation to preserve the fitness one need to be consistent. Yoga, meditation, gym are the best options one choose when they are looking for fitness. And indulge yourself in sports, or any kind of physical activity which will promote your overall well-being. Always warm up yourself first with some basic exercises like jumping, stretching, and arm rotations. And don’t skip meals or pitfall diet to have a perfect figure, every body type is beautiful but sometimes you need to take care of bodyweight so it will not hinder you from achieving anything you are capable of.