Planning on visiting Pondicherry? Here are the Top 5 places to explore

Located in the southern part of the Indian peninsular region, this area can act as a portal to a European land. The French-inspired architecture is a delight for the eye and you can gaze at its wonders all day. But that’s not all, you have mesmerizing beaches and shacks that can instantly make you want to spend more time here. We have picked up 5 places that you don’t want to miss out on when you are in Pondicherry.


White Town Promenade, Pondicherry

During the colonial period, the town acted as a quarter for the French officials. And because of that, you have mind-bending architectural beauty in each of the buildings along this street. The French-themed cafes and resting homes can take you to the south coast side of France. The White Town Promenade is among the central attraction of this region. Get cozy, relax and enjoy the beach view. This place is pure magic.


Matrimandir, Auroville

This meditation amphitheater is located in the center of Auroville. This golden architectural beauty act as the center of the entire town and the entry to the structure is restricted to only to the Aurovillians. If you want to get into the structure registration has to be done a day before your arrival.


Paradise Beach

Often regarded as the most beautiful beach in of the region, this sandy blue beach harbors thousands of tourists each year. The beach can only accessible after a 5min ferry ride and marks the meeting point of Chambal river and Bay of Bengal. Due to the accessibility issue the beach is often clean and serene making it all the more attractive.


Arikamedu, Pondicherry

This archeological prominent area has its history connected to the Roman trade during Augustus Caesar period. Located 7 km from the center of the city it is one of the heavily studied and researched archeological site in India. The vast 34 acres of land is now under the supervision of Archeology department of India.


Auroville Beach

As the name suggest this beach is close to the town of Auroville and is one of the less crowded beaches of the region. It is one of the important nesting ground for Olive Ridley sea turtle.