Pragati OS: jointly developed by Jio and Google to make India “2G Mukt”

Jio and Google are working together to develop a new operating system for JioPhone Next 4G Smartphone.

JioPhone Next Smartphone is going to be launched this Diwali season which will target around 30 crore 2G users of the country who are still using 2G phones due to the expensive prices of the basic 4G smartphones. The smartphone will be the most affordable phone not just in India but globally. This project will be the same as the previous one by Jio, but this time the smartphone will be screen-touch with 4G connectivity. The device is built on Qualcomm chipsets processor and will be manufactured at RIL group’s Neolync unit in Tirupati and Sriperumbudur.

The key feature of the phone is that it’ll be using a translation tool with 10 different indigenous languages, thus making it possible to connect provincial speakers at ease. The phone will come up with a read-aloud function, i.e. it’ll read out all the content appearing on screen. 

For the same purpose the phone will be devices with a new operating system – Pragati, which is being developed by the joint collaboration of Jio and Google. Here Pragati stands for progress and is powered by Android. 

This Made in India Project will make our country more “Atmanirbhar”.