Pratik Gandhi’s rags to riches story narrated by NEWJ in a short video

The Scam: 1992 fame, a Gujarati actor Pratik Gandhi is indeed a very versatile and finest actor ever worked for Indian television and film Industry. Pratik Gandhi’s remarkable performance in The Scam: 1992 was truly appreciable and he proved that he was the best choice for the series and no one can replace him or can do better than him. The scam: 1992 takes Pratik Gandhi to a new level now he is known worldwide for this series and Bollywood offered him many movies to sign.

And this is so special for Pratik Gandhi because his hard work and dedication pays off and made him a star.

His life story is presented in a three-minute small clip by NEWJ, which is a prominent channel for Indians where they narrate the story of inspiring citizens of India.

For the same NEWJ did for Pratik Gandhi they narrated his rags to riches story, from where he started and now where he is truly motivating and these small inspirational videos inspire many to achieve and stay on their track with faith.

How Scam 1992 fame Pratik Gandhi rose from being homeless to becoming one of Bollywood most talented actors


In this video, NEWJ highlighted many ccrucial even of Pratik Gandhi’s life in bullet points. About his wife’s brain tumour and he became homeless for once but Pratik Gandhi combat with all the odds and became the star of people eyes.

This video touched Pratik Gandhi’s heart and found this one very emotional because it hits his lifetime journey where he survived and shine. It was quite hard for Pratik Gandhi to sum up this feeling in words so he quoted a simple sentence for this video and said I almost relived my life in these three minutes. Thank you @NEWJplus.