Puffed Chip Video Goes Viral, Doritos Come Up With An Unexpected Marketing Strategy

Recently, Doritos had to pay an American girl after she found puffed chips in the packet of Doritos. Rylee Stuart, a 13-year-old teenager from Australia was eating a bag of Nacho cheese-flavored Doritos but she found perfectly puffed-up Doritos. Rather than not paying attention as commonly, she found it unique and decided to put that on social media saying she found a puff Dorito and contemplating was that valuable or should she just eat it. Her video reached millions of views on TikTok, where users suggested that she should sell the chip on e-Bay for profit. one TikTok user even commented that she should sell it for 5000 dollars because someone found an Among Us shaped nugget in the BTS meal and are selling for 5000 dollars.

Following his advice, Rylee opened an e-Bay account to look for buyers. She listed the chip for 0.99 dollars but in 2 hours price rose to 5000 dollars. Even biding rose to 20,100 dollars. Bidding caught the attention of Doritos company. The company got impressed by this and the chief marketing officer of the Doritos, Vandita Pande stated that they are so impressed with Rylee’s boldness and entrepreneurial spirit that they want to make sure to reward Rylee’s family for their creativity and the love for Doritos. All this happened in a jiffy and now became a cherry on the cake for the Doritos company. Although this incident started unknowingly but now has become a new marketing strategy in the field of brands.