PVR Reveals that they have Sold out over 1 Lakh Tickets of Brahmastra Film, Tap to know more!!

Brahmastra has beaten the advance of RRR(Hindi) and Bhool Bhulaiyaa in around two and half days flat at PVR chain properties. The other places are yet to catch up but that is more due to the fact there is a limited number of properties and screens open for advance. PVR Cinemas revealed today that they have sold over 1 Lakh tickets of Brahmastra Part One: Shiva and this proves that the craze of Brahmastra in India is unstoppable.

The PVR chain is the one which opened early on Friday and has the most screens open for advance so is the best one for comparison. Though even here there are plenty of screens still to open up for Brahmastra while the other two films saw an advance at all the screens. Below is the comparion between the three fllms at PVR.  The numbers in brackets are the number of tickets sold. Brahmastra has had only 3D shows available so it generally has higher ticket rates. Even allowing for 3D it will still have the highest rates ever for a Hindi film.

Brahmastra is all set to release in the cinemas on 9th September and that is just 4 days away. A new promo video has been released and as usual we can see great VFX in the scene. It looks like Isha aka Alia Bhatt is in trouble and she asks for Shiva aka Ranbir Kapoor for help and she shouts out his name and that’s when Ranbir gathers all  of his powers goes on to save her.