Rafel Nadal and Kia Motors on the same ground to promote KiaEV6

Kia motors begin its new journey of sustainability and for a better future with one of the big- three, tennis players who is one of his kind, Rafael Nadal. Kia Motors dealt with Rafael Nadal to promote this new electrical car which is going to ride on roads soon, and after the deal is signatured since then Kia and Rafael Nadal are continuously posting an update on the collaboration. The first tweet made by Kia was on 20th October where Kia announced its partnership with Rafael Nadal where Nadal was driving the Kia car.

A new journey begins tomorrow with @RafaelNadal.

#Kia #MovementThatInspires #KiaEV6 #TeamRafa https://t.co/qo5IKflEo5

On the other hand, Rafael Nadal introduced his fans new KiaEV6, where EV stands for the electronic vehicle. Rafael Nadal wrote a different caption for the same post-Kia Motors posted.

Tomorrow…. Keep your eyes open … 😉 ⁦


# Kia #MovementThatInspires #KiaEV6 https://t.co/JFOUCtAJld

Later on, both of them posted from the launch event of the KiaEV6 where they posted some pictures of a car and Rafael Nadal. And the bat part of this launch event is it is held in court of Rafael Nadal academy.

Hello everyone. Take a look at how together with @Kia_Worldwide I unveiled my very own Kia EV6 on the first ever tennis court powered by an electric vehicle ! I’m very excited for our next journey together

#Kia #MovementThatInspires #KiaEV6 https://t.co/kKeeljaQs5

Today, we unveiled @RafaelNadal’s very own EV6—our first fully-electric vehicle. Together with our global ambassador, we start our journey toward creating a more sustainable future.

#Kia #MovementThatInspires #KiaEV6 #TeamRafa https://t.co/NJCMW7XdqI

Witness how @RafaelNadal’s very own EV6 powered the court at the @rnadalacademy. Championing how the fully-electric vehicle can be a part of sustainable everyday choices.

#Kia #MovementThatInspires #KiaEV6 #TeamRafa https://t.co/wzmtnUuyPD