Ranveer Singh stuns us yet again with his luxurious Louis Vuitton’s travel bag

Our heart drops a little and beats a little more faster whenever Ranveer Singh makes his classy appearance. He is always into wearing high-end designer outfits and lays low when it comes to dressing and doesn’t mind spending his hard-earned cash on these exorbitant styles.

Just when we thought that we have probably explored all the pieces from Ranveer’s wardrobe, he recently made an appearance in an outfit that not only looked elegant but every piece of this looks totally out of our budget.

Our focus though went straight to his bag, which also happens to be outrageously expensive, the price of which is bound to make anyone’s bank balance sweat profusely.

The travel bag, in question, is Louis Vuitton’s Keepall Bandouliere 45. This bag is a popular style and for the busy, style-conscious man, this adjustable shoulder strap bag is ideal for leisure time in flights.