Rapper Raftaar filed divorce from his wife Komal Vohra

Dillin Nair Popularly known as “Raftaar” has filed for a divorce from his wife Komal Vohra. The Rapper got married back in 2016 and is now heading towards the final divorce. The couple has been married for the last6 years and now going to legalize their separation by October 2022. The rumours were that the filling of divorce papers was supposed to take place in 2020, but due to COVID-19, the procedure was delayed.

Raftaar and Komal were wed in love. In the year 2011, the couple experienced love at first sight. Raftaar had taken the risk of getting married in the winter after establishing himself. Both agreed and got married in 2016. Raftaar stunned everyone by sharing his wedding pictures on the internet to which he added ” Married to my soulmate”. However, they had made the decision to divorce each other after six years of marriage. They both, however, also removed the photos from their wedding.

The issues allegedly began as soon as their union was consummated. When questioned about the same, the Vohra sister verified the rumours but declined to speak on their relationship or marriage-related matters. The insider went on to say that “only close ones know about this” and that “both have gone on in their different lives and the couple, along with their families, remain cordial”. Raftaar acknowledged in an interview that his wife Komal has been very supportive of him throughout his career and profession.

Regarding Raftaar’s professional career, he served as a judge for various reality TV programmes, including Hustle, Dance India Dance, and Roadies. In the third season of Roadies, he even played the role of a gang leader.