“Real Magic” Is In Productivity; Coca-Cola’s New Marketing Plot.

Multinational beverage company, Coca-Cola is now leveling up in the game, via improving its effectiveness and efficiency said a spokesperson of the company in the conference :

“fundamentally transform and dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our marketing investments,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson in December when the news surfaced.

Due to heavy loss in a pandemic, Coca-cola is now focusing on enhancing marketing strategies to stand out. For this purpose, The Coca-Cola Company introduced mid-market CPG’s like Tab diet soda, Zico Coconut Water, Coca-cola zero sugar, and Aha sparkling water.

And Coca-Cola zero sugar turned out a game-changer said Kaumil Gajrawala: “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar started to curve,” when the company was facing a downfall.

And for more and more productive marketing company is now going to change its global platform from  “ Taste the feeling” to “Real Magic”. As a trademark.

“Coca-Cola is a brand defined by dichotomies: humble but iconic, authentic yet secret, real yet magical,” said Manuel Arroyo, global chief marketing officer of the Coca-Cola Company, in a statement

Here they are trying to prove that, with all paradoxes yet company manages to leave a memory and magic on everyone. Moreover, Coca-Cola will soon exhibit a new logo of the company and a marketing advertisement in which they feature Alan Walker for a cameo role, said by sources.