Realme launched a whole host of gadgets, Motion Activated Light steals the limelight

Realme has recently flooded the market with all sorts of gadgets. They released a new smartphone along with true wireless earbuds. Nut to the surprise also came up with a motion-activated night light.

The company reported that the device uses an infrared sensor to detect your motion and turn on the lights.

The new gadget is available at Rs.599 and will available online on Flipkart and Amazon.

You can get your hand on one starting from February 26

Realme when talking about their product said that the Motion Activated Night Light will come with two adjustable brightness settings and a 120-degree wide range of motion sensing activated within the stimulation of human motion of up to 6 meters.

The lightweight circular design allows it to be hanged or attached to a surface magnetically or with the use of adhesive.

The light includes a 3AAA battery that gives out 365 days of charge as promised by the company.

The company also released gaming accessories like a brand new mobile game controller and cooling backup clip

The game controller is priced at 999 and the Realme cooling Back Clip is available for 1,799.

Image credit: Realme India