Recipes from Chinese cuisine you can try without giving a second thought

Chinese food is gaining market in Asia like Chinese products, Authentic Chinese food is very least spicy and more of fish, meat, octopus, and meat cooked different oils and sauces like soy sauce, sesame sauce eaten by chopstick. Most authentic noodles in a big Chinese bowl with eggs and meat is the perfect meal for the day. So, let us here discover some perfect Chinese dishes.

1. Classic Chinese Chowmein :

Just add some protein in your life with tastefulness in a bowl boil normal chowmein noodles with tofu/ chicken and vegetables zucchini, carrot and celery then add all this to the pan and don’t forget to toss chopped peanuts in a pan with chilli sauce and sriracha sauce and add all vegetables and noodles with sprinkle cilantro.

2. Fortune Cookies :

Fortune cookies are a very interesting recipe because it gives more than a taste it quotes our fortune for the day or year. A slip of prediction inside the cookie tells us a fortune. The cookie is made from basic cookies dough and before baking a slip of prediction is kept inside the dough and baked and then when you eat you find your fortune.

3. Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry :

It’s quite hard to find good vegetarian dishes in Chinese cuisine because the Chinese platter mostly contains none vegetarian and seafood but thank God! We have an amazing dish with Chinese flavour on the platter. To make vegetable stir fry you need finely chop ginger and garlic and boil all the vegetables that you’re going to add an after this cooked ginger garlic with soup sauce, sugar, cornstarch, salt pepper and add vegetables and stir well.

4.  Samosa Wontons :

Samosa wontons is a very nice recipe to try samosa is a Persian dish and is very loved in India and especially Indore, India. Samosa is traditionally made from potato stuffing but as the land changes filling changes. To make samosa wontons you need to make classic spicy noodles and stuff them in dough and make a pocket and deep fry and serve with garlic chutney. It’s absolute love material!