Reebok Launches Its New Collection ‘The Heritance’, Fans Go Gaga Over It

Reebok is a well-known brand in the field of footwear and clothing manufacturers. It keeps on launching its new collection from time to time. Their brand is famous among actors as well as the common man as it is known for its comfort and luxury. Despite being the clothing brand, its shoes are quite popular among the audiences. Today through Reebok India through its Instagram handle, announced a new collection of shoes. Its has been named ‘The Heritance’ which is inspired by the legacy AZ. They posted photos of two shoes to showcase their collection. One is grey and the other is black. The grey one includes the slide design of the print and has the color pink included in them. The second one is black and white.

Earlier on 24 August 2021, also they launched a new collection of shoes inspired by Daniels hair art. At that time they launched 4 vivid designs inspired by the Daniel trail brazing approach to the hare and one-of-a-kind pallets of bright colors. They were launched with the collaboration with Daniel moon. Till now Reebok has launched a total of seven different colors of shoes in the legacy AZ. Now, the collection is going to increase with the two new shoes in this particular type of collection. Their shoes were basically made from 30% recycled materials which are also good from a environmental point of view. Fans are excited about their launch and about knowing the prices of the show so that they can buy them as early as possible.