Rejuvenating Facial experience at home, All thanks to Urban Company


The Urban Company is an online beauty catering service that provides door to door beauty parlour services, Urban Company has a team of 3000+ staff which provides more than N numbers of home services urban company is now becoming a favourite app of those are working it becomes very convenient for them to have all the service at home for which they have to go outside. And for this festival season when you’re tired with all the cleaning and shifting of spaces all you need are a relaxing facial but who wants to step outside when you’re next level tired. That’s why the Urban company has a beautiful range of facials that complement your skin.

Chocolate Facial :

Oh yes! Chocolate is very exciting in any form of it is for eating it and indeed chocolate is therapeutic when it is dark chocolate, but who thought to emerge chocolate in the facial but urban company has the perfect chocolate facial for you which will help you for healthy and glowing skin, anti-ageing.

Red Wine Facial :

Red Wine facial is absolute love, red wine is good for skin and liver and it is scientifically proven. Raw red wine when massaged on the face it tightens the skin and rejuvenates. The urban company makes this a trait of red wine to the next level their red wine facial makes skin look firm and younger and it is enriched with grace vitamins.

Saundarya Facial :

Saundarya is a Hindi word for beauty and makeup. Saundarya facial kit of the urban company is packed with all-natural ingredients like Multan mitti, aloe vera and goodness of all Indian beauty ingredients to ensure even skin tone and promote healthy skin.