Release Date of Marvel Studios’ ‘She Hulk: Attorney At Law’ to Now release One Day Late on 18th August!!

The San Diego Comic Con saw several great announcements related to upcoming Marvel Movies and series. On the First Day of the Comic Con, Marvel announced its upcoming animated series- What If Season 2, X-Men ’97, I Am Groot, and Spider Man: Freshman Year. ‘I Am Groot’ is set to premiere on Disney Plus in the next Month on August 10. Spider Mam: Freshman Year is the most anticipated upcoming animated series from Marvel.

On the Day 2 of the SDCC2022, Marvel announced several other movies and series that are upcoming in the coming years. She-Hulk series was supposed to start streaming on Disney+ from 17th August, 2022 but now the release date of the series has been changed and it will release on 118th August just one day late and new episodes will release on every Thursday. Marvel announced this with a video. Watch the video below:

Marvel released the second official trailer of the show at SDCC2022 and also a cool poster starring the ‘She-Hulk’, which is played by Tatiana  Maslany. The first trailer was released on 18th May, 2022 which is almost 2 months ago and less than a month from its premiere the second trailer has been released.

Bruce Banner, who is the original Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, trains She-Hulk with things that are related to being a Hulk, but we can see in the trailer that She-Hulk is pretty good at being the Hulk and doesn’t need any training. AA glimpse of someone who looked like Daredevil, was seen in the end of the trailer  and fans are pretty sure the Daredevil will make an appearance in the series. The villain from, The Incredible Hulk is returning and reprising his role as ‘The Abomination’. He was last seen in Shang Chi: The Legend of Ten Rings.

Check out the official trailer below: