‘Revenge Travel’ mode on, but what is Revenge Travel?

After 18 months of wait and fights with harmful corona virus and with the vaccination available now travel industry is getting on track again. Also India’s 9.2% of GDP and 42.673 million jobs are dependent on travel industry.
Post pandemic people are trying to travel more due to which the tourist destinations are overly crowded. And this is because of Revenge Travel. But what exactly revenge travelling is?
After being stuck at home for over 2 years, we all are getting bored of our day to day life of this new normal in this pandemic. And to break free from this boring routine people are travelling and planning trips. This phenomenon is called Revenge Tourism. These circumstance has been described as “lockdown fatigue” or exhaustion that escalates on account of monotony.
Imagine having the same type of food every day, like having bland dal chawal daily, you’ll get bored right? You’ll what that routine to change and get something masaledar to eat. The same goes here also to break through the routine, people want a ‘getaway to add enjoyment to their daily lives.
But because of tourists crowding at these places, there’s a high chance of 3rd major wave of Corona hitting the nation. We all should take proper precautions and care to be safe. The virus is still here and it’s as harmful as it was in the 1st wave.
Travel Safe and get Vaccinated.