Ridhi Dogra’s twitter clash with ex big boss contestant Kashmeera Shah! 


Raqesh Bapat, the big boss ott contestant confessed his love for Shamita Shetty leaving her speechless. Their bond has grown from strength to strength in the weeks since Bigg Boss OTT began, Now in a recent interview with Raqesh’s Ex-wife Ridhi Dogra, she was confronted about the ongoing romance of Raqesh with Shamita Shetty. On which she replied that it’s his private matter.”I am happy if Raqesh is happy. It’s his personal space,” she said.


Ridhi recently got into fight on twitter with ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kashmera Shah, who called Raqesh a ‘henpecked husband’, saying that he was dominated by both Ridhi and Shamita. Kashmera wrote, “Congratulations @RaQesh19 you are on your way to becoming a hen pecked husband…again.”


Replying to her, Ridhi Dogra tweeted, “Again!? Excuse me. Kindly don’t make loose comments. Peace out.”