RM Take Viewers Along To The Beautiful Cities Of Switzerland & Paris

The BTS ARMY has been rejoicing as the much-loved band’s members consisting of Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin and RM recently announced a vlog series. Fans were over the moon and looked forward to the weekly releases as they get to go along with one member each week and get a glimpse into their life. RM’s vlog was the latest addition to the series, and the clip saw the celebrity jetting off to Switzerland, where he visited art museums, enjoyed the food and culture, and more.

Check out the Vlog highlights here:

Arrival at Art Basel

Known to love art, RM takes viewers along with him to his visit to Art Basel festival which was situated in Basel, Switzerland this year and we got to see how RM takes in all the art and truly appreciates each piece. The Art Baselis a meeting place for artists, art collectors and many celebrities from the art scene. The high-caliber exhibitions showcase various art forms, designs and more. RM being RM, was constantly giving information on various art pieces and their artists, which had us appreciating the pieces as well.


One stand-out part of the vlog was all the delicious dishes displayed! From ramen to steak to beer, we were left feeling hungry the entire time! It felt like a vacation as he was just chilling, taking in nature and enjoying all the various delicacies offered by Basel.

RM vs slide

One instance, RM decided to take on a metal slide and as he recorded himself going down the slide, he was scared of the speed and the heat captured in the slide and later realized that he can use a mat provided to go down and then, he could not be stopped! The childish side of RM was refreshing to watch!

BTS references

As usual, he cannot leave BTS behind and kept referencing them as he’d see anything resembling, for example, a uniquely shaped table tennis table reminded him of BTS’ logo or the train switching yard reminded him of the scenes in their older track MV for ‘Run’. The references also gave us nostalgia.

Check out the entire Vlog here: