Robert Pattinson mesmerizing the fandom by his voice, watch the teaser of The Batman now!

It’s not just a signal but a warning for you that will lose all your consciousness after hearing the voice of Robert Pattinson in the teaser, he is truly mesmerizing the DC’s Batman fanbase. The entire Twitter is flooded with an appreciation of Robert Pattinson’s new Batman teaser which is out on the official Twitter handle of DC. In the 2 minutes and 34 seconds, long teaser the center of attraction was not any scenes but the voice of Robin Pattison, the masculine stud and so fluently sharp that anyone can easily fall for his voice’s

Here is a link for the teaser so you can too feel the vibes that Pattinson’s voice is giving to not just fans but everyone, and how he managed to nail such a tone.

The same posted by The Batman account verified one, for sure! Where they mentioned Robert Pattinson is #thebatman watch #DCFandom,  teaser trailer,now.

The fandom is going wild on Twitter after hearing Robert Pattison, one of her fans said in a tweet that OMG! Robert Pattinson’s sexy voice, I’m doing to watch this I already love Christians bale and Ben Affleck  I hope to love this too.

It is not the first time Robert Pattinson is gaining fame from the movie but also his previous works in the movies like Twilight, The Twilight Saga, tenet, and The Lightroom helped him to earn enormous love from the fans and the movies which build up his fanbase. Now the fandom of DC is shifting to the Fandom of Robert Pattison and the Batman fans are giving a watch rest of Pattison’s movies after hearing his dialog delivery in the teaser.