Run BTS To Return : 7th Anniversary Of Run BTS!

It is the 7th Anniversary of Run BTS. This is most definitely not a stroke, ARMY! We are panicking because it has returned. We are speaking of Run BTS, in case you have been living under a rock and are unaware of this. The group’s very own show is back with a bang after a ten-month hiatus. Before you get overly excited, it appears from the teaser the boys just dropped that this will be one particular episode, but even so, the anticipation is almost tangible. We’re talking about the adored Run BTS here, after all!


The boys can be seen playfully teasing as usual as they mention the series’ return on August 16 in a sudden teaser. Here is a brief excerpt that gained immediate notoriety on social media. You can watch it on Tuesday, August 16, on Weverse, VLive, and YouTube. The boys began singing their song Run BTS, taken from their previously released album Proof, as the song began to play, even dropping a hint that it might serve as the intro to their special episode. We can’t say that if it did happen, we would be shocked.
On October 12, 2021, the final episode of RUN BTS season 3 aired. The group announced during that episode that the show would take a brief hiatus for the performers to rest and refuel. Fans were disappointed by the show’s abrupt end, but they were in favour of BTS taking some much-needed time off. The ARMYs are overjoyed that the show is returning!

Fans are going crazy for their return; check out some tweets.