Sabyasachi’s ₹10,000 Saree’s Real Worth Is ₹500?

India’s favourite designer Sabyasachi dropped a new collection in collaboration with international clothing and apparel brands H&M. Right from the kaftans and sarees to kurtas, trousers, and accessories, the collection was a highly anticipated one since it was expected to represent an Indian culture and apparel style at an international level. The craze for its product wasn’t just limited to shoppers but even with users online making memes and sharing their thoughts on the collection. Several celebs like Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma too selected their favourite from the collection. But there has been an ongoing controversy over the H&M deal with Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Questions have been raised by the public about his integrity as a designer over the use of a Sanganeri inspired print in this saree and the lack of credit given to the artisans. People reacted to the collection saying Sabyasachi is selling rupees 500 saree for rupees 10,000. It gave a vibe of 1970. But as soon as the post went viral, netizens started comparing the Sabyasachi collection with the sarees of their grandmothers. Audiences are not happy about it and were complaining that it didn’t meet up to their expectations. One user is commented that it’s a horrible collection of horrible fabric and horrible prints. Everything looks so outdated. Others commented they were having high expectations from them. One commented that this saree is easily available for rupees 500 in Calcutta. Not only this people were seen discussing that our native artisans are never complimented for such designs which they have been doing since ages and have seems to have eloped. But a reputed designer uses the same designs and it is being hyped on every platform, isn’t it like discrediting the artisans. Audiences are thinking of it as a cheat in the name of the brand.

Mukherjee in an interview mentioned that his latest collaboration is meant for the Indian families which have dreamed of wearing his lehenga. He also mentioned that the price of his clothes is a major issue while opting for his wedding collection. But it seems that to lower the price for the public they also lowered their standard of their products.