Samsung has dropped the Galaxy Note series from 2022 plan

The future of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of smartphones has remained a mystery for some time now. With there being no update for the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung had earlier said that it would skip a generation and revive the series next year. However, a new report suggests that we may not see a Galaxy Note series phone even in 2022. 

The report comes from South Korean publication ET News and states that the company has completely removed the Note series from its product plans for 2022.Another missing year in the Note series will mark another big step towards the end of the popular ‘Phablet’ series.

Samsung’s folding ‘Z’ series could replace the Note series

The main reason for leaving the Note series for another year is the success of the company’s Z-series of folding and flip phones. According to a report by GSMArena, the Galaxy Note 10 and 20 series counted 12.7 million and 9.7 million orders in their launch years, which are 2019 and 2020. 

In contrast, the Galaxy Z Fold alone reportedly counted 13 million orders. The growing interest in foldable phones, which get better every year, could be the final nail in the coffin for Samsung’s Note series, which Samsung may now consider an unnecessary proposition between the S-series and Z-series. 

The Galaxy Note series emphasized three key elements – powerful display, big screen and S-Pen support. Today, flagship performance can be found in Samsung’s S-series as well as the Z-series, in both Snapdragon and Exynos flavours. 

The Ultra variants of the S-series and Galaxy Z Fold phones are also big on screen real estate, while Samsung officially added S-Pen support to the Galaxy Z series earlier this year with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This leaves the Note series redundant with no real USP to offer Samsung’s flagship smartphone portfolio. Higher sales numbers for the Z-series aren’t helping the Note series either. 

If Samsung skips the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could be the last of the Galaxy Note series, which debuted after the company launched the first Galaxy Note in 2011. 

More details about Samsung’s planned lineup for 2022 may be revealed during the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event to be held in February 2022, where the company is expected to launch its Galaxy S22 series.