Samsung Launches Flip And Fold, Asks Its Audience To Make A Choice

Samsung, the biggest company in the field of electronic gadgets is going to begin its new phone’s pre-booking on 23 August at 6 PM. Those who will book it today can enjoy the benefit of the exclusive limited period offers, early delivery, and a live interactive shopping experience. The gadgets are Galaxy Z Fold 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 3. This would unfold the next era of mobile. The new features and uniqueness of this mobile are that it is the thinnest, can fit into the pocket as it is foldable, and has big screens inside and out. It is 6.2″ long. Samsung launched a campaign #UnfoldThe Way to introduce its new device to the audiences. Twitter users reacted to it saying that they love their YouTube videos and they love the way it can be a daily phone and a tablet that also a display camera. Audiences look excited about this launch.

But some Twitter users are seen unhappy with their old phone series and services by Samsung. One Twitter user even raised a question regarding nationality saying that Samsung phones are being produced in China so Indians shouldn’t buy them, replying to which another user replied that it is manufactured in South Korea and Vietnam and is not from China. Others believe that it is a multi-tasking gadget, converting from mobile to tablet and laptop in a flip, making it easy for attending some important meetings hands-free. Also, Samsung India raised one question to know audiences preference through its tweet asking the public if they would rather prefer Flip or Fold and the voting was mostly in favor of fold more as compared to flip. It looks like the audience has mixed opinions on it. Wishing Samsung great success on it.