Sarah Blakely regained the billionaire’s title after pairing with Blackstone

Sarah Blakely is the founder of SpanX, a company that manufactures in area to produce shapewear, pants and leggings. The company promotes women independence and self-reliance so, Spanx is an American company that is run by all women human resources and for women.

Sarah worked deliberately to provide quality shapewear to the ladies for parties and outings, and the thing to notice about her is she is self-made and registered her name in Forbes and TIME’s magazines most influential people.

But eventually, her stakes went down to heavy competition and lack of support and experience in the line she losses 750 million USD. As Forbes said previously.

But after a partnership with Blackstone Co. Sarah Blakely confirmed that she sold her stakes worth 1.2 billion USD to Blackstone. But still, the majority of the stakes is in the hands of Founder Sarah Blakely.

Via an Instagram post, Sara shared: “I will remain a significant shareholder and continue to help the business fulfill its greatest potential, as well as continue to fulfil my greatest passion – elevating women.”

After this needed collaboration with Blackstone, the market analysist show the light in Sarah Baleky’s new net worth which is  1.2 billion USD and now she is again the billionaire of forbes list.

Other than this Sarah Blakely is the holder of the title Self Made Billionaire and she is also a philanthropist so a part of her income goes to The Giving Pledge.

Sarah also conducted an event to celebrate this partnership and make the employees aware of this.