Say No To Cyberbullying! Check out Burger King’s Latest Campaign

Bullying is a heinous crimes that should not be practiced and overlooked, Many children’s welfare organizations are working in this area. To promote a healthy and safe environment for kids and promoting anti-ragging and anti-bullying campaigns, so that children can enjoy their childhood in Schools and parks with friends rather than in a room alone.

To exercise the same cause Multinatinational fast food supply chain, Burger King coordinated with the #Thanksthe2010 movement, which is promoted to create awareness on anti-bullying of French kids born in 2010. It was observed by the government of France that kids who are born in 2010 are subject to cyberbullying, harassment, and mocking. On this issue, Education Minister, Jean Micheal Blanquer said “completely stupid and against our values”.

To promote attention and understanding,  Burger King with the coordination of Les Papillons decided to launch a game app  because it all started due to this. The collaboration of both is trying to end this where it all started and asking everyone to use #Thanksthe2010 instead of using #Anti2010 initiated by Burger King.

For this initiative, Burger king is asking gamers to promote #thanksthe2010, Burger King is seeking help from the gamers who use #thanksthe2010 tagging reposting, and blogging in their social media accounts. The campaign, designed by French agency Buzzman, asks players of online games to pledge their support to fellow gamers born in 2010 by tagging, writing, and building on any online game and then sharing their creations online.

The #Anti2010 movement was born online and has since amassed 40 million members, mainly on TikTok. Buzzman’s ambition was to reclaim the online space to celebrate the 2010 generation.