SBS released the retro themed character posters for the upcoming legal drama ‘One Dollar Lawyer’

SBS revealed character posters for Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, and Choi Dae Hoon, on September 14. You want to say something funny as soon as you see the “three hot topics in the legal profession” reimagined as the cover model for a publication called “a thousand-dollar lawyer.”

First, Namgoong Min added decoration on the first issue’s cover. People giggle at the irony of drinking espresso in a dingy lawyer’s office that was formerly a coffee shop. Additionally, the absurdity of reading comic books while eating ramen in a polite manner à la a British gentleman and the eccentricity of employing the legal code as a pot stand are other topics that make people chuckle.

The focus of the second cover is Kim Ji Eun. In the ad, Kim Ji Eun is pictured as a bling-bling rich lawyer labouring with a mountain of paperwork while seated at a desk in a run-down legal office. She is holding a phone and a pen, and her face shows sadness as a result of her mental exhaustion from working without a break.

Last but not least, Choi Dae Hoon adorned issue 3’s cover. Choi Dae Hoon makes a marriage proposal to a woman while holding a ring and a rose in both hands. Choi Dae Hoon is introduced as a “true romanticist of this age” and “prepared first-class groomsman prosecutor Seo Min Hyuk.” However, the dazzling wink that is absent makes him appear to be acting gravely like a young groom.

On the other hand, the poster’s design, which effectively makes use of the retro aesthetic, is a striking feature. It seems like it might be put on a kiosk on the way to work, which gives it a familiar appearance. The price tag, which says “1000 won” or “1 dollar,” also contributes to the laughs.