Scotland’s breakfast to dinner recipes for this winter

Scotland is broadly famous for its cities and its winter weather with snowfall and the many historical palaces of British monarchs which Scotland witnesses. But we are least aware of the food of Scotland. So, here are a few easy and tasty ones.

1). Porridge :

Porridge is considered a baby meal as the consistency of porridge is semi-liquid and this makes it very easy to swallow. To make porridge you need to boil some oats and let them bulge in the water after the process is done add oats to milk and with some honey and fruits, you like. And a healthy easy and tasty breakfast is ready.

2). Fish And Chips :

Fried fish with potatoes fries is equal to heaven on earth. These munchies are the best snack on the streets of Scotland. To make these on the home you need to make better of all-purpose flour, salt and herbs that you love, coat fish slices in this batter and cover with breadcrumbs and fry. And serve with fries and BBQ sauce.

3). Shortbread :

It is a tradition in Scotland that every new bride should make shortbread for breakfast at least once so every grandma tries to make their granddaughters perfect in making shortbread. To make shortbread you need to mix plain flour, caters sugar, a lot of butter and make a nice dough and cut into bars, then sprinkle sugar and freeze for a couple of minutes and then bake it is ready when the colour is changed to golden.

4). Cranachan :

Cranachan is tiramisu of Scotland, to make cranachan you need to assemble all ingredients in a glass in sequence first layer of cream and then raspberry comport with some honey and whiskey after this layer of roasted oats and repeat the layer in the same order till the glass is packed. At last top with the whole raspberry and let it set in the fridge.