Scrumptious delicacies from the port of Portugal to you

Ancient travellers of Portugal have travelled so often and because of this many cuisines have some The ingredients of Portuguese cuisine and Portuguese cuisine have an impact on many countries cuisine. In India union territory Puducherry has a great impact on Portuguese cuisine and lifestyle. Because the Portuguese step in India after the merger of French settlement with India. So, let us discover some Portuguese recipes with Indian ingredients.

1). Salted Cod Fritters :

Fried fish is very loved and darling fish for Portuguese, but they have one more interesting way to eat their favourite codfish, in a form of fritters, mix some chopped potatoes, onions, and codfish in eggs with salt herbs and spices that you like and fry them in a chunks. That’s it salted cod fritters are ready.

2). Chicken Piri Piri :

Piri Piri is one of the favourite seasonings for French fries or pizza, it is too loved in chicken and Piri Piri raise is very easy to make just add some garlic, paprika, lemon and peppers together and spread this sauce on chicken leg piece or chicken breast and grill. Chicken Piri Piri is ready you can serve with a side salad and vegetables like corn, carrots and zucchini.

3). Bacalhau :

Bacalhau is a ffisherman dish of Portuguese but now it is loved as a codfish salad in the world. Just some fresh codfish chopped nicely and mixed with olive oil, potatoes and cheery tomatoes and dresses with extra virgin olive oil and salt. And mix well.

4). Port Wine :

After all the hard work and devotion all you need is a moment of leisure where you can regain the joy and sense of relaxation. And what could be better than a glass of red wine with some Portuguese cheese and other Portuguese bar snacks. Nice and gracious red wine from downtown Porto.