Sequels for these known web series on OTT could arrive next year

This list comprises five web series that begged a sequel across streaming platforms.

Some of the OTT services that came our way in 2021 performed brilliantly, while others sunk without a trace and left us wondering whether we could survive another season. This list includes five online shows that screamed for a sequel across many streaming platforms.

Delhi Crime Season 2: The first season chronicled the life of a police squad in Delhi as they dealt with the aftermath of a sexual assault of a medical student. The series showed the issues encountered by a senior police officer who is fighting corruption, sexism, and political expediency while confronting her daughter’s notion of women’s safety in Indian cities. Season 2 is still a mystery, although there is a hint of crimes against senior citizens in the nation’s capital.

Family Man Season 3: An entire nation was captivated by the exploits of an intelligence officer who kept his professional life hidden from his family. The second season began where the first left off. They hinted at the third season going to the northeast of India and likely Chinese threats before the conclusion of the second season.

Made in Heaven Season 2: It was almost as if this online series, created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, was exclusively designed to challenge prejudices. As two wedding planners fight to get their business off the ground and then keep it afloat in the aftermath of the enemies they create along the way, everything from marital rape to same-sex love and infidelity is mentioned. The plot of the novel does not believe in excluding any sacred cows.

Mirzapur Season 3: Two seasons have passed in the life of Kaleen Bhaiyya, the ruler of Mirzapur. In the first season, he has to deal with a couple of locals who want to get rich quickly by working for the don. The conflict between them and the don’s successor leads to chaos. As one of the two contenders to Kaleen Bhaiyya’s reign gets his hands on the position with his widowed sister-in-law, an injured Kaleen Bhaiyya is provided sanctuary by a rival. As for the viewers, we’ll have to wait for a sequel to find out who wins this conflict in the end.

Pataal Lok Season 2: A crime thriller that ventured to look at criminals and their relationships with cops in a sophisticated way. One that strayed from stereotypical notions of good and evil, instead of delving into the murky zones where crime and punishment frequently coexist. The show mixed the worlds of street criminals and their powerful managers with the worlds of television news anchors.